Last Squadron released on Atari 800

From the ABBUC competition, Shanti77 (Janusz Chabowski) has released the full version of his excellent shoot-em-up, Last Squadron for the Atari 800 range.

Featuring power-ups, speed-ups, special weapons and boss enemies to kill. The game has 4 levels each with its own music (by Michal Szpilowski)

Similar in style to Terra Cresta, it also borrows elements from 1942 and even Tyrian (one of the best DOS shooters of all time). The title music is a really good rendition of one of the Tyrian tracks and the rest of the graphics and music are of a simlar high standard.

This is a crackingly good game and I highly recommend it.

Download it from the AtariAge Last Squadron thread on their forums and give it a go.