Ladybug ported to the BBC micro

Since February 2021, Lovebug has been buzzing away on a port of the Lady Bug arcade game.
After a very detailed development thread on the Stardot forums the game seems ready to unleash on the BBC micro world.

Although having some similarities to Pac-Man, the game is really quite different.
The idea is to eat the flowers, hearts and letters in the maze while avoiding the other insects.
Enemy insect appearance changes with each level and there is a timer that releases an additional insect when the timer resets.

It’s also possible to alter the layout of the maze to guide the enemy insects into deadly skulls to kill them.

There are additional bonuses and vegetables to collect to increase your score and number of lives.

The only (slight) down side is that the game requires at least one bank of sideways RAM on a standard BBC micro. BBC B+ and Master machines have extra RAM as standard. (Electron owners with their measly 32k, need not apply!)

On the up side, all the features of the arcade game seem to be included this new BBC version including the score bonuses and with colourful graphics, authentic sound effects and great gameplay. Lovebug has produced a excellent port of this game for the BBC micro which few other systems ever received.

Read all about the games development on the Stardot forums and download it from the BBC micro website.