Jetpac released for Acorn Electron

As a diversion from programming Pooyan for the BBC micro, Snuggsy has been beavering away at a version of Jetpac for the Acorn Electron.

8 colours in a 4 colour mode!

The Electron was pretty much ignored by Ultimate years ago as by the time it came out they had stopped supporting Acorn machines.

As a result, the Electron missed out on some excellent games (Jetpac, Pssst, Cookie and Transam) which it would have been well suited to.

After a lovely colourful loading screen, you are greeted by a 4 colour start screen (impressive for a 2 colour mode) offering a (S)tandard or (A)lternate style game and the option to change the colour of the game itself.

The game itself runs in monochrome, but the graphics are identical to the spectrums (apart from colour) and the movement and animation is smooth and without flicker.

As far as I can tell, it plays the same as the original Spectrum version and seems somehow nicer to play than the BBC micro version produced back in the day for Ultimate.

If you’re quick, you can read the development of Jetpac on Snuggsys twitter timeline and you can download and play from it’s Github page.

Have fun.