Elementum for released for Electron and BBC Micro / Master 128

There aren’t many Electron games that use the machines two colour mode, but those that I remember were good ones (Plan B, Imogen). Elementum looks like another goodun too.
In a strange, hostile world, electronic components have taken the 6502 CPU hostage.
Its 8 status flags are scattered all over each of the 32 levels.
You, a brave electron, must collect the flags and free the 6502.
Watch out for your nemesis: the positron!
Featuring smooth movement and animation, this looks like a fun and slightly brain taxing platformer.
It’s been designed to work perfectly on the BBC micro too.
OxCODE is a demo coder well known on the Electron scene for wringing the most performance out of this somewhat hampered machine.
Read the development thread on the stardot forums and download or play online at the BBC games archive.