Electrobots released for Acorn Electron and BBC micro

After the success of Elementum and much anticipation from the Stardot community, 0xC0DE has unleashed his second game, Electrobots into the retro gaming world.

Designed to work on a standard Acorn Electron, Electrobots crams as much as possible into this hardware challenged machine.

Coloured doors require a key of the same colour… best avoid that robot to the right

Playing through different game regions, each featuring different game physics, you control 3 separate Electrobots, all searching the planet Terranova for 10 ancient artifacts.
Along with the artifacts, there are other goodies to collect, including batteries to replenish your energy levels and so on.

Under the sea… certain types of seaweed have become semi-sentient and will drain your energy

Some areas are populated with droids and other lifeforms (I’m guessing at this part) which may fire at you and zap your energy, and must be avoided. Once all the artifacts are found head for the exit portal to escape.

The keys are re-definable and you can switch between each of the three robots at any time in the game.

As Electrobots was developed specifically for the Acorn Electron, it plays identically on the Electron and the BBC micro range of machines which makes a change from the Elk getting a cut down version as was often the case years ago.

Follow the development diary over on the Stardot forums and download it from the github page.