Duckstroma – A new platformer for MSX and ZX Spectrum

UltraNarwhal has released a new platform game for both the MSX and ZX Spectrum, Duckstroma.

Aura is a delivery duck and about to have a life changing day on the job. A client has requested 8 disks be delivered to them, but this won’t be an easy task. Using Aura’s skills navigate the hostile environment by bouncing on weak foes, even lay an egg to reach higher spots.

Some discs are blocked by other objects – Spectrum

Some disks are hard to reach and may be blocked by things. There are puzzles to solve and switches to flick in order to reach them all.

Switches must do something to help or hinder? – MSX

Created with the use of Jonathan Cauldwells AGD (Arcade Game Designer), Duckstroma is curently available forĀ  both the MSX and ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k machines.

It looks and sounds similar on both machines but with no in game music on the 48k Spectrum.

Download Duckstroma from the authors website and also see what other gems are available there.